Rapid Transformational Therapy®

Rapid Transformational Therapy ® (RTT ®) is a therapy method based in hypnosis and uses such tools as regression, healing inner child focusing on creating new narratives, breaking old habits.

RTT can be and is successfully used to better achievements, lower anxiety levels, break through dependence, co-dependency also it can be helpful during health crisis.

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about Anna

“I have been practicing RTT for over 4 years and have done hundreds of sessions – individual and group.

My background is managerial positions, middle and top in restaurants. Since 2015 I have been meditating, doing inner journeying, breathwork, therapy and other methods that have helped myself.

When I encountered RTT, I understood RTT as a powerful and helpful tool. As a result of my experience on what works for myself and, what I felt, sometimes lacks in spiritual journeys my decision was to study RTT and I became RTT practitioner to help other see their worth.

I do not believe that there is one method that helps everyone, but in my experience RTT is very close to being invaluable in circumstances of family trauma, low self esteem, co-dependence, stress related issues.

Apart from studying and practicing RTT I have trained as an aromatherapy specialist, I have Usui Reiki Ryoho 1st level certificate and currently I receive shamanic initiations.”

Anna Melbārde RTT practitioner since 2019,

Latvia, Europe

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RTT practitioner Anna Melbārde Europe, Latvia
RTT practitioner Anna Melbārde Europe, Latvia

what my clients say

“Thank you for the work you do, listening, tenderness and understanding during session. You lead into subconscious gently, voice, music and, most importantly, the right words lead person into this state (relaxation) from start till finish. Yesterday I started listening to the (personalised) meditation and it is so much about me, I really resonate with the feeling, thank you, the right words have come to me through you at this moment.”


“I was worried (beforehand) about the deeply relaxed state, everything seemed so mystical. But Anna smiles peacefully and atmosphere is just so, that you understand – it is going to be ok, it’s going to be allright. So it happened that after two hours of traveling (inner journeying) you come out of room different, although I do not notice it right away. There is tiredness. And peacefulness. Deep and unshaging peace, that comes with me every step of the way, in every situation. I have not changed, but I am more united with myself, grounded, as a one happy unity. It gives me confidence in myself and my strength. It’s interesting how in different situations in life I act from position of peace not anxiety or stress, frustration, anger, fear or perplexity. Yes, puzzlement happened, but then I just have to sit down and think about what I want. This is a blissful feeling. First months I was just enjoying it, all the while feeling the wonder of the newfound state, on how unshakable it is. Then at points I started to provoke it, just how peaceful I really am? And I am!”


“Anna has been beside me during moments of crisis and her presence has always given me deep transforming effect. She always finds just right episodes that disturb me at the moment. More often than not I don’t even suspect these episodes – in my head they have formed deep impressions that at some point have kept me safe, but now they do not let me act as I wish. As soon as I get rid of that, a lot of things resolve on their own. I am endlessly grateful for a chance to see Anna and return a lot stronger and confident.”


During my years practicing RTT and doing meditations I have touched on various subjects – addiction, co-dependency, low self worth, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts.

There are limits to what RTT can do, yes, I believe in different modalities and do not hesitate to suggest different therapy methods to my clients. That being said, I am a strong believer in getting to know one self in a meaningful way and RTT is a beautiful tool for that.

I aim to help see that each one of us here on this earth is valuable. So a lot of how I work stems from this deep understanding that you are worthy just as you are.

Meditation is a beautiful tool as well and RTT has this pegged, after each RTT session you receive personalised audio meditation, that is 15 to 20 minutes long and can be a beautiful start of your day or a way to wind down.

RTT for me is also about empowerment. With all the experience and knowledge I have, I try to instil in you this sense of power – you make your decisions in life, you are a grown up, who can do that. You have enough strength, knowledge to achieve what you wish for. You can achieve your goals because you are worth it.

So again we return to self worth. I believe my work is centred around it as I aim to help you see yourself more clearly , so you can allow yourself to live the life you wish to have.


ask me

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have regarding RTT practice.

how many sessions do I need?

As the name indicated RTT is about rapid transformation. In most cases only one session for a question is enough. Sometimes it takes up to three sessions.

In any case I advise in most cases to take 1-3 months between sessions and not to have more than 3 per year. Also listening to yourself is best – how much do I need and when.

will I remember what happens in RTT?

Yes, you most probably will, although some details may be a bit fuzzy. RTT is not designed to go extremely deep, just enough so that you are relaxed and your subconscious can start expressing itself. Also throughout session you keep your choice and can tell me if you do not wish to share or any suggestions may not be 100% accurate. After the session you will remember what you recalled and what it meant for you, but I suggest writing down only helpful “aha” moments.

what if it doesn't work?

I urge you to relax and trust the process. Even if you think “it doesn’t work” it might actually quite well be a part of the process. It might be hard for the mind at first to understand what is happening and it might try to question the process, but trust that what is happening is exactly as you need it. A good indication that we are doing enough is emotional reaction to what is remembered. Also please remember it is my job to make sure “it works”. So you can relax into it.

how will it happen?

First we will get to know each other during a phone call. You will answer some questions before the session in written form. During our Zoom session you will relax in a quiet spot where you feel comfortable and listen to my voice. After the session you will receive a short personalised meditation for you everyday practice. After 3-4 weeks we will have a short call as well to round our process.

Rapid Transforamtional Therapy session

  • Discovery call 15 min
  • Intake form
  • Zoom session up to 2 hours
  • Personalised audio meditation up to 20 min
  • E-mail support if necessary for 3 weeks
  • Final call up to 30 min

240 eur

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